Resolve QuickBooks Error 103 Quickly with Four Easy Fixes  

QuickBooks is one of the most efficient accounting software that many small-scale businesses regularly use. But the software is also known for its various errors. Among the many, QuickBooks error 103 is one of the most prevalent ones. This error means that the website of the financial institution doesn’t accept the login credentials that are inputted in QuickBooks Online. So, the user needs to update their details in QuickBooks Online. Once you update it, you’ll be able to access the website of your bank. In this article, you’ll find the various reasons why this error occurs and the different troubleshooting methods for it. 


Why does QuickBooks Error 103 Occur?

This error may result from many causes. They are given below.

  • A missing cookie.
  • A .msi file containing bugs.
  • Missing internet browser configuration.
  • Permission is not granted for turning the hardware facility. 
  • Code configuration problem of QB error 103.


How to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error 103?

There are various ways by which you can fix QuickBooks banking error 103. They are explained in a stepwise format below.


Verify that the username and password are accepted by the bank

To resolve this error message, you should verify that the website of the bank accepts your username and password. Follow these points.

  • Choose ‘Banking’ from the menu on the left.
  • Tap the ‘Pencil’ icon for your account.
  • Next, click ‘Edit Sign-in Info.’
  • Next, tap the hyperlink for the website of the bank. It is present at the top. 
  • You will notice a window opening the bank’s website. Here, check that you can access your account through this site and confirm that you can locate your account details without any problem or error.
  • If your login information gets accepted, then you should update your account manually. If it doesn’t, then you need to avail of customer care help.
  • For availing of customer care, you need to have information like the financial institution’s name, the bank name that is chosen during the account setup, and the website link for connecting to your bank outside of QB Online. You should also have information on the account type being connected to and the error code that is being displayed to you.


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Verify Your Credentials

Verifying credentials is another way by which you can resolve QuickBooks error 103. Follow these steps for it.

  • Tap on the link ‘Verify your credentials’ that showcases the error message. You will see that another window opens, which will lead you to your bank’s website. 
  • Enter the login credentials again.
  • You need to log out from the website of the bank.
  • Navigate to QuickBooks Online and type in the same username and password again. 
  • Tap ‘Update Sign-in Info.’



With Different Login

It is another way to get rid of QuickBooks banking error 103. To sign in with a different login, follow the stepwise instructions given below. 

  • Tap ‘Transactions’ and then on ‘Banking.’
  • Now you need to choose the ‘Add account.’
  • Input the name of your bank in the search box. 
  • You will see a message appearing below the matching results that display ‘New connection with a different login.’
  • Login with the details you want on the website of the bank. 
  • Connect your QuickBooks accounts with the bank’s accounts and tap on ‘Connect.’
  • After you are done, tap on ‘OK.’


Edit Account Information

It is yet another great way to resolve this particular QuickBooks error. For editing the account information, follow these guidelines carefully.

  • Choose ‘Transactions.’ After that, tap on ‘Banking.’
  • Select the account that you wish to disconnect or stop. 
  • Navigate to the icon of a pencil. After that, tap on ‘Edit Account info.’
  • In the end, tap on ‘Save.’ It will complete the whole process. 


What Key Bank Customers of the US Need to Do to Resolve This Error?

If the US users encounter this QuickBooks error, they can rectify it by logging into their account from the bank's site. Further, check that the option or choice for allowing the third party is chosen. For it, navigate to the ‘Self-Service’ tab and then choose ‘Security Center.’ 

For allowing third-party access, key bank customers can also do it by navigating to the ‘Login’ then selecting ‘User Profile,’ followed by ‘Third Party Access.’ Lastly, choose the phone to authenticate.


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Final Words

Now that you are familiar with the causes and the ways to resolve QuickBooks error 103, it won’t trouble you anymore. Verify that the username and password are accepted by the bank. You can also verify your credentials to resolve it. Another way of troubleshooting it is by signing in with a different login. If you still find this error bothering you, get in touch with the expert QuickBooks customer care support.