QuickBooks is an ace accounting application, that leaps ahead of its competitors. This application has become a household name, all because of its features and flawless running. It runs smoothly and helps you manage all your financial data effectively. Though, it faces trouble with some errors. The QuickBooks error 6189 816 is the most common issue reported by users.

In this blog, we will cover the QuickBooks error 6189 and 816 that prevent you from launching a QBW file, which is a QuickBooks Company file. We will provide major details, including a short description and the possible causes.


Defining the QuickBooks Error 6189 816

If the desktop screen displays a pop-up that reads QuickBooks Error 6189 816, the cause is when a user tries to launch a company file and it appears as QuickBooks Error -6189,-816. This reflects that you lack the authority to access the company file.

As per the developer company Intuit, the QuickBooks enterprise error 6189 and 816 mainly happens when you try to launch a company file that is inaccessible.


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Causes of the QuickBooks Error 6189 816


  • It flashes the QuickBooks Error 6189 816 if you try accessing a QuickBooks file that is already in use by another user or service.
  • Incomplete QuickBooks installation, or downloading a corrupt setup file of QuickBooks from a non-trustworthy software link.
  • It occurs if you attempt accessing a file stored in a folder for which you lack the required read or write permission.
  • Incorrect or incomplete installation of QuickBooks is a probable cause of the incorrect entries during the Windows registry causing this error.
  • A malware or virus attack on the Windows framework leads to the corruption of multiple QuickBooks program files.
  • Corruption in the Windows registry due to recent QuickBooks programming change is a probable cause of the QuickBooks enterprise error 6189 and 816.
  • The discrepancy between the exchange log record (TLG) and organization document (.QBW).
  • Other clients have signed in the organization record in Single User Mode.
  • Using a pirated or outdated copy of Windows may result in the error.
  • Accidentally deleting necessary drivers from the system, which are required to run QuickBooks.


Symptoms of the QuickBooks Error 6189 and 816

  • An error message pops up, and reads “Multi-user mode is not working”
  • Error codes (-6190, -816) appear in a dialogue box and crashes the working window


Fixing the QuickBooks Error 6189 816

There are multiple ways of repairing the QuickBooks errors 6189 and 816. We will describe the most effective techniques to proceed with in this section.


1- Restart the computer as well as the Server

  1. You have to restart all systems that have access to the company file should be restarted.
  2. If the data server is on, then restart that server as well.
  3. Check whether the problem still persists.
  4. If yes, proceed to the next step.


2- Installing QuickBooks Database Manager in the Server System

  1. Please ensure that QuickBooks or QuickBooks Database Manager is installed on the server where the company files are stored.
  2. During the installation of the Database Manager, you do not need an additional license.
  3. In case you cannot find the QB database user, then install Database Manager.
  4. Once the installation is complete, restart your server system.


3- Update QuickBooks

The QuickBooks Error 6189 816 also appears due to the simplest reasons. One of them is when you missed out on an update. Please check whether you are using the latest release and then try to create or open the company file.


4- Use QuickBooks Tools Hub

This is extremely helpful when addressing common issues and error codes like QuickBooks Error 6189 816. To proceed:

  • Exit QuickBooks, and then download the QuickBooks Tool Hub file (the filename would be QuickBooksToolHub.exe).
  • Save the downloaded file on a location where you can easily navigate
  • Launch the downloaded file, and then follow steps provided to install the useful QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  • Once the installation is complete, double-click the icon on your Windows desktop to launch the tool.
  • Now go to the QuickBooks Tools Hub, and opt for the Program Problems option.
  • The next step is to choose Quick Fix my Program.
  • Now start QuickBooks Desktop, and try opening your .QBW data file.


5- Rename Network Data File (ND) and Transaction Log File (TLG)

Both ND and TLG are configuration files that allow QuickBooks to access a QBW file in a multi-user mode. The QuickBooks error -6189,-816 can occur if these files are corrupt/damaged.

Please note that these files automatically re-create once you rescan them by using QuickBooks Database Server Manager, and then open the company file. When this happens, rename ND and TLG files and check if the error persists.

To rename the ND and TLG files:

  1. Open the folder containing the company file and locate files having the same name as your company files, but are saved with extensions .ND and .TLG. These include:
  • company_file.qbw.nd
  • company_file.qbw.tlg
  1. Right-click on each file, and then Rename.

Note: Do add the word ‘OLD’ at the end of ND and TLG filename. The illustration would be company_file.qbw.nd.OLD.

  1. Re-open QuickBooks and then try to sign in to your company file. If you get the same error, please proceed.


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6- Data file stored on Network drive

  1. Please check whether the company file is present on a NAS device or any other removable device.
  2. This is a problem since none of these devices have permission to run the QuickBooks Database Manager.
  3. It is noticed that this setup can cause data corruption.


7- Verify the QBDataServiceUser Permission

To verify the user permissions assigned to QBDataServiceUser, you need to:

  1. Copy the file to the desktop, and launch the application directly from the desktop
  2. If the program launches, there can be folder damage where the QBW file was saved.


8- Repair the QuickBooks Company File

You can try to log in with the credentials of another user. If the login is successful, then there might be data damage on your account. These issues can be resolved only by repairing QuickBooks.


To sum it all up, the aforementioned fixes are sufficient to repair the QuickBooks Error 6189 816. But please keep in mind that these are not the end of the fixes. If the problem still persists, you can opt for automated solutions. Also, try to rely on the QuickBooks Database Server Manager and QuickBooks Tools Hub. If all these fail, opt for expert help from QuickBooks support.