Have you tried the automated password reset tool QuickBooks? Or want to learn how to use the tool? It’s quite easy. Get the QuickBooks password reset tool online from its website. Then,  Install it on your system and walk through this guide and learn how to use it? 

QuickBooks lets users keep their data password protected. But the twist is that it asks users to enter their password manually. So, what if you don’t remember the exact password or misplaced it? No worries! Use the QuickBooks password reset tool and reset the password.

The tool is essentially designed for users to reset their passwords. Therefore, you can use the tool for changing your password regularly. 

Hence, read the guide on the automated password reset tool QuickBooks. Here, we will discuss; how to download, install and use the reset password tool?

 Let’s dive in!


Why Do You Need The QuickBooks Reset Password Tool? 

The primary reason to use QuickBooks reset password tool is security. Because Security threats and attacks on users’ privacy are common. Hence, keeping a password for your account is the only way to save your privacy. 

Nonetheless, QuickBooks makes sure no one can intrude on one’s privacy. Therefore, allow access only with the security code/password. 

But, is your password strong enough? Are you aware of the key components necessary to create a powerful password? 


Basic Requirement To Compose A Strong Password For QuickBooks

The hacking activities and techniques are growing. Therefore, a strong password is necessary for the security of your QuickBooks account. Hence, you should create a complex password. 

We will suggest you go through the tips mentioned below. It will help you create a powerful password from the QuickBooks password reset tool. Read below: 

  • Keep the length of the password at least 7 characters long. 
  • Create an alpha-numeric password to decrease guessing probability. 
  • Must include an uppercase letter and numeric value in the password. 
  • Don’t leave space between the characters.
  • The password should be case-sensitive. This means keeping the Caps Lock and Num Lock turned off. 
  • Make sure you are logged out from all networks or devices. 
  • Don’t use social media information to create a password. It gets easier to guess and crack. 
  • Don’t create an easy password to crack. So note it down somewhere or save its copy so you don’t forget it.

Using the suggestion above, you can create a strong password. After all, it’s all about security. Please, don’t compromise with password quality. 


Different Ways To Use QuickBooks Admin Password Reset Tool

It’s time to learn to create/reset/recover forgotten passwords. The process for the password reset tool for QuickBooks desktop is different for admin and user. While the admin has direct access to the password, the user does not. As a result, if you own a user account, you should contact the admin or use an admin account. 


Hence, please read the steps carefully while resetting/recovering the password. Find below the QuickBooks admin password reset tool steps and reset the password: 


Use QuickBooks Admin Password Reset Tool

Please remember that only the admin has permission to update the QuickBooks password. Whether you're logging in as an admin or a user, you must do it as an admin.

 1- Visit the QuickBooks official website

2- Download the Automated Password reset tool QuickBooks

3- Then, install it and: 

  • Choose the version of your QuickBooks desktop application. 
  • (All versions) or Point of Sale

Note: Please be certain the QuickBooks version is launched recently. Otherwise, you will not get access to reset the password. 

 4-  Fill in the necessary information: 

  • Your QuickBooks license number (15-digits)
  • First name & Last name 
  • Email address
  • Confirm email address
  • Business phone number and the ZIP code
  • Please recheck the contact number, it should be 10 digits long. 
  • Leave the box of country code as it is. The QuickBooks desktop password reset tool will automatically add it. 

 5- Click on the Next button

  • If the details don’t match, login to your account and check the details: 
  • User name(ensure it is not case sensitive)
  • License number details
  • Contact number
  • Primary email address 
  • Zip Code


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6- Once the details are confirmed continue by accepting the license agreement. Wait for some time and the tool will start downloading automatically. 

But, if the Password reset tool for QuickBooks desktop doesn’t download itself: Tap download now and save it to your desktop. 

7- Now, run the QuickBooks password reset tool. Also, enter the token number received in your mail.

8- Thereafter, head to the QuickBooks Desktop Product drop-down menu. and choose the QuickBooks version installed on your system. 

9- Now, tap Browse for Company File. and choose the company file to change the password. 

10- Type the real company file user name (if you changed it) or keep the default name, Admin. 

11- Create your new password (temporary) for QuickBooks. Re-enter to confirm it. This will be a temporary password. Later, when you open the company file, QuickBooks will ask you to create a new account again.

12- Click the Reset Password and finish the process. 


Want to Reset Your QuickBooks Password Manually? For Both Admin And User Account

If your system fails to satisfy the minimum requirements or the QuickBooks admin password reset tool fails to work. However, you can always reset your QuickBooks password manually.


Reset QuickBooks Password for Admin Manually

Please note the following steps are suitable for QuickBooks versions 2020 and 2021. 


  • Open the QuickBooks login window.
  • Select the option “I forgot my password.”
  • Then, select an email to get the token number. 

Note: If your email address is not present in the list, select “don’t see your email in the above list?” and follow the onscreen instructions. 

  • Tap Next.
  • Enter the token number received in your email.

If you can’t find the token number email in your inbox, check the spam folder. 


For QuickBooks Version 2019 and Older:  


  • Open the QuickBooks login window.
  • Select the option “I forgot my password.”
  • Now, provide the details as mentioned below: 
    • The license number of the QuickBooks desktop version you are using. 
    • User name, contact number, email address, and ZIP code

Note: You can also find the details on the Customer Account Management Portal (CAMPS).

  • After entering all the details, tap Ok
  • If the details are correct, you will get a code on your email (primary) listed on the CAMPS. 
  • Follow the onscreen instruction provided by QuickBooks and create a new admin password. 



Reset The QuickBooks Password or a QB User Manually

The authority to change passwords in QuickBooks is with admin only. So if you want to create or reset a user account password, sign in as admin.

  • Launch QuickBooks
  • Log in as an admin user. 
  • Head to the Company tab.
  • Select the option “Set up Users and Passwords.”
  • Then, select Setup Users
  • If needed, enter the Admin password again. 
  • Now, you will see the User List. from the list, select the user, for which you wish to change the password. 
  • After that, select the option Edit User
  • Tap Next twice and Finish to end the process. 


Have trouble resetting the admin & user password? 

  • Confirm the details you have provided are correct. There Is no typo or missing information. 
  • Use the alternative automated password reset tool QuickBooks. Follow the process in the section above. 


How Often do You Change Your QuickBooks Password?

Talking about passwords, you should know how often to change them? It ensures the privacy and security of your QuickBooks account. 

QuickBooks asks users to change their passwords after every trimester. It sends notifications to remind users about changing/resetting their passwords. Nonetheless, you can change the password whenever you feel necessary. 

Another significant feature of QuickBooks is it doesn’t support saved passwords. Thus, you have to enter the password manually

Aside from that, when you attempt to change your password, QuickBooks ask some questions. It is crucial for hence, called security questions.


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Key Points to Remember: 

  • Update your Contact & email details: If you recently changed your contact number or email, be sure to update your QuickBooks account profile.
  • For US Citizens: The country code +1 will be automatically applied to United Nations users. As a result, they won't have to manually enter the code.
  • For Non-US Citizens: If you are not a US user, you must manually update the country code in the "choose nation" area.


Summing up: 

We hope you found this guide automated password reset tool QuickBooks useful. Thereby, access the guide every time you wish to update your QuickBooks password. You can do it in one of two ways; one is done with the password reset tool, and the other is done manually. Along with that, ensure the password is strong, has an alphanumeric value, and is case-sensitive. 

In addition, if you have any difficulty resetting your password or have a question, we are available to assist you. 

Our professionals are always available to help!