How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 404


QuickBooks is undoubtedly one of the productive accounting software prominently accessible by several small and medium-sized businesses. This helps accountants to manage financial activities in a trouble-free manner. But it is also the fact that being software, it is not free from technical errors. Yes, at a certain point, you can come across a couple of errors when you work on QuickBooks. In most cases, QuickBooks Error Code 404 is the common problematic error issue among users. Though, it is a run-time error usually experienced when the QuickBooks fails to sync with Intuit servers. Strong skills and technical knowledge is required to tackle such a type of problem.

So, if you are a non-tech and unable to fix this issue, don’t panic! In today’s article, we are going to discuss the accurate processing method to exterminate the error 404 from QuickBooks. Thus, let’s read it out carefully and follow up the instructed guidance.


What Does QuickBooks Error Code 404 Mean?

The Error 404 means that the webpage you are trying to access couldn’t be found on sever. Similarly, QuickBooks Error Code 404 is a run-time error that probably been arisen if QuickBooks won’t sync with the Intuit Server. Any of the following statements you can receive while accessing QuickBooks:


  •     Service messages error
  •     QuickBooks error 404 pages not found
  •     QuickBooks update error 404
  •     QB runtime errors 404, etc.

However, you might also face this error if the QuickBooks software is incompletely installed on your PC. Such a particular error has data that can be easily decoded by the manufacturer of the component. To learn more about it, continue reading the post.


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Symptoms Of QuickBooks Error Code 404

Here’s how you can get informed about QuickBooks Error 404:

  • The Error Code 404 suddenly throws on the screen while you access QuickBooks.
  • All your current running accounting programs will get harmed.
  • The Windows system crashes.
  • Windows runs and responds sluggishly.
  • Your operating device will get periodically frozen for a couple of seconds.
  • QuickBooks installation is not completely done.


Primary Factors Responsible For QuickBooks Error Code 404

There is not even a single cause but there are many reasons behind Error Code 404 QuickBooks Online. A few possible reasons are listed below:

  • A corrupt or incomplete installation of QuickBooks could lead to QuickBooks Error Code 404.
  • Essential programs or company files are mistakenly deleted.
  • Most probably, your Windows registry gets damaged due to which you confront such a fatal error.
  • The System may get infected with viruses or malicious threats.
  • Unreadable components can also cause such an issue.
  • System and bandwidth latency can also be the one cause for its appearance.


Instructive Guidance To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 404

The one-stop solutions to QuickBooks Error Code 404 are mentioned underneath. Take a brief look and simultaneously implement one by one to get it resolved:


Guidance 1: Verify The Bandwidth Latency


Here’s how to do it simply:

  • Open the Internet Explorer web browsers on your Windows PC.
  • If there is any delay in opening a URL, refresh the internet settings and thereafter try again.
  • If you still see the message, “Page can’t be displayed” or “Connect to the Internet”, turn off your network connection. Now, turn it on and switch on your wireless router or the internet and then try opening the URL. This time, the URL may get opened.
  • But if the URL still doesn’t open, contact your Internet service provider team before moving ahead.
  • Afterward, restart the computer system.
  • And then set the Internet Explorer as the default browser.

Now, try to open QuickBooks on your default browser to confirm that the QB Error 404 has been fixed. If you face it again, move to the next guideline.


Guidance 2: Adjust Your Internet Settings

Here’s how to do it in a short span:

  • First, Open Internet Explorer on your PC.
  • Next, go to the “Tools” menu and then select “Internet Options”.


  • After that, give a click on the “Security” Tab and select “Trusted Sites”.


  • Then, click “Sites”.
  • Add * and * as trusted sites.
  • Click the “OK” tab to save the changes and then click “Close” to end up the process.
  • Now, you need to log out from the company file and then close QuickBooks.
  • Reopen QuickBooks and open the company file to check if you encounter QuickBooks Error Code 404 or it’ been resolved.


Guidance 3: Update And Repair Your QuickBooks

Follow the valuable instructions noted below to update and repair your QuickBooks:

  • First and foremost, launch QuickBooks on your Windows Desktop
  • Next, you should go to the “Help” menu.
  • Thereafter, I have to select “Update QuickBooks Desktop” and let QuickBooks be updated completely.


  • Now, you can close QuickBooks once the update gets done.
  • Now, frequently open the company file and attempt to access your QuickBooks.
  • If you still have the QB Error 404, initiate repairing your QuickBooks. The complete steps are mentioned below:
  • Press “Windows + R” keys altogether from your keyboard.
  • Type “Appwiz. CPL” in the search box on the bottom left corner of your Windows screen.


  • Then, hit the “Enter” key.
  • From the list of Installed Programs, choose QuickBooks and then tap the “Repair” option.
  • Wait for a moment till the repair process gets fully done.
  • Now, you can check if the QuickBooks Error 404again pops up or it is fixed.

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Guidance 4: Reconfigure The Windows System Settings

For the optimum performance of QuickBooks software, it is highly required to reconfigure the system settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • First, you should log out from your QuickBooks company file.
  • Then, close your QuickBooks window.
  • Now, try to update your Windows and restart the computer if necessary.
  • Now, open the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Then, go to the “Tools” menu and select “Internet Options”.


  • Afterward, give a click on the “Advanced” tab and then browse right on the bottom in the settings pane.
  • Check the TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.2 if they are already not selected.
  • Now, click “OK”.
  • Afterward, end up all the running programs and save the in-process information.
  • Now, press the “Windows + R” keys together from your keyboard.
  • In the Run dialog box, type “MSConfig” and press the “OK” button or hit “Enter”.
  • On the Operating System configuration screen, click the “General” tab.
  • From the “Start-Up” section, select the “Selective Startup” option and then click OK.


  • Restart your computer now.
  • Open QuickBooks and the company file as well to check if your problem has been dissolved.


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Hopefully! The pieces of information give you an ultimate idea to solve QuickBooks Error Code 404. But if you can’t still access your QuickBooks or open company files, don’t pull your hair! We are the top-most proficient engineers working hard round the clock to provide you with a better solution. So, feel free to contact us via ringing the phone at the toll-free number. Stay tuned with us hassle-freely and hence grab the solving tips by sitting at your home.