QuickBooks is wonderful accounting software that enables users to carry out their accounting-related tasks efficiently and productively. But the program is also known for the various errors it gives to its users at numerous points of working with it. Some errors arrive abruptly and can take you by surprise. One of them is the QuickBooks error 15240. It is essentially an update error that surfaces when the user is updating the payroll software or the QuickBooks Desktop. It can also result from misconfiguration with the settings of the Internet Explorer. In this article, you find the various ways by which you can rectify this error. 


What Do You Mean by QuickBooks Error 15240?

This error may occur when the user attempts to download an update for QuickBooks. The error can then disturb the work as you can face it frequently. The results are from numerous factors and it's essential to arm yourself with the right technical information on how to troubleshoot it. In the subsequent sections, you’ll find the triggers to this error and measures to implement.


Factors Causing QuickBooks Error 15240

The error is an outcome of various common factors. Some major causes of QuickBooks update error 15240 are as follows:

  • Usage of an old QuickBooks version.
  • Users logging in as window admin and not running the application as admins.
  • Incorrect download link.
  • Use of QuickBooks multi-user mode in the terminal service setting.
  • Corrupted Windows registry files.
  • A damaged QuickBooks update.


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What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15240?

For users to recognize the 15240 error in QuickBooks, they need to know the symptoms and signs exhibited by this specific error. You can lookout for the following signs and identify this error code.

  • Your QuickBooks is unable to install the current update. 
  • Failure of the payroll update. 
  • Inability to do payroll in the QB software.

The 15240 error hinders the payroll update. Due to it, your system can also crash repeatedly. You’ll also find that your Windows is not running as smoothly as before. It can also freeze for some seconds. It also does not give any response to your keyboard or mouse commands.


How Do You Resolve the Error 15240 in QuickBooks?

There are numerous easy solutions to troubleshoot this problem. You can check them out below. 


1-Run the QuickBooks software with admin rights.

At various times, you’ll require to access the QB software via the admin credentials. If you haven’t logged in as admin, you’ll face QuickBooks payroll error 15240. Follow the steps below to run your QuickBooks with admin rights.

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and right-tap on it.
  • Choose the option of ‘Run as Administrator.’
  • Now. Launch ‘Properties’ and see for the ‘Compatibility for all users.’ That’s it. Check if your problem has been fixed. 


2- Verify the settings of Internet Explorer.

Another method to deal with this error is to verify the Internet Explorer settings. Verify the settings by following the steps given below. 

  • Start by selecting the gear icon and choose the ‘Internet Options.’
  • Now, head over to the ‘Advanced’ tab.
  • Mark ‘Use SSL 2.0’ and ‘Use SSL 3.0’ below the ‘Security’ tab.
  • Finally, choose ‘Apply’ and then tap ‘OK.’


3- Reinstall QuickBooks Using the Clean Install Tool

Another effective method to resolve QuickBooks update error 15240 is to clean all the junk that may have accumulated in it over an extended time. For it, you will use a Clean Install Tool. But ensure that you have a full backup of your company file before implementing this method. If you forget to do it, it can result in the loss of essential data. Follow these points below.

  • Uninstall your QuickBooks Desktop from your computer.
  • Download and run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and rename the installation folders. 
  • Now reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop. This method will restart the software with a fresh system and will likely resolve your problem.


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4- Evaluate the third-party firewall settings

To eliminate this error message, you can also consider inspecting the third-party firewall settings. At numerous points in time, the firewall prevents a proper communication flow of QuickBooks software with other files. To check the third-party firewall, follow these points.

  • Get in touch with the developer of the firewall to know how to adjust its settings and give permission to QuickBooks to download and install updates.
  • Apart from that, see if the files ‘Qbw32.exe’ and ‘Qbupdate.exe’ have access to go through the third-party firewall.
  • Next, it is important to verify that the 80 and 443 ports aren’t disabled. If you find any problem in any of the steps mentioned, then reach out for professional QuickBooks support services.


5- Verify that the settings of your security software are configured correctly

Frequently, the anti-malware and similar security software interrupt the proper working of QuickBooks. It results in QuickBooks payroll error 15240. So it is important to check that the settings of this security software are configured correctly. It will make QuickBooks work smoothly.


6- Find if you have set the system date and time settings correctly.

This is another good way to fix the 15240 error message in QuickBooks. To rectify your system date and time settings on your system, follow these steps.

  • Head over to your device's ‘Control Panel.'
  • Next, go to ‘Change date and time settings.’
  • Change the date and time and click ‘Apply’ followed by ‘OK.’


Final Words

QuickBooks payroll gives payroll updates to every client and also provides accurate calculations and rates. But if you face QuickBooks error 15240, you may find it unable to do anything with it. That’s why it is essential to rectify it using different techniques. You can also seek professional support services for the same. The QuickBooks experts will readily solve all technical glitches in the software.