QuickBooks accounting software for businesses is a collection of robust accountancy functions, tools, and components. However, sometimes, one may come across the QuickBooks error 12031. Among the many problems that customers experience, QuickBooks update error 12031 is part of the 120XX series.

However, apart from it, it offers excellent functionality that automates routine accounting and financial procedures associated with companies. This saves time and money. This enables the company to concentrate on other important business objectives that contribute to its growth.


Understanding QuickBooks error 12031 - What causes it?

There are multiple reasons why  QuickBooks error code 12031 occurs.

  • The QB Update Error 12031 often arises when QuickBooks customers try to update the QuickBooks software or payroll services. When the network timeout occurs, this irritating and severe QuickBooks issue occurs. This puts QB users in a quandary while using the QuickBooks program.
  • QuickBooks Update Error 12031 often occurs when the firewall or other system security software is flagged. This problem may arise due to faulty or inaccurate setup.
  • Issue Code 12031 is a QuickBooks error that arises when the QuickBooks payroll service is updated.
  • Inadequate internet connections
  • Internet Security and firewall updates are preventing the connection from being established.
  • Incorrect SSL configuration
  • The absence of Internet Explorer as the default browser
  • The network connection timed out, preventing access to the server.

When this error occurs, you must follow the resolution procedures to resolve it. It is critical to determine the precise source of the problem since this assists in resolving the error promptly.


Pre-requisite to understand the error

The error of QuickBooks error 12031 is associated mainly with updation issues. So we need to understand why and how updates happen.

Intuit makes software updates frequently that increase the functionality of current features. It adds new prospective capabilities to the program. Likewise, Intuit updates its QuickBooks Payroll program for subscribers.

Payroll updates include the most recent rates and computations for relevant state and federal tax tables. It also covers payroll tax forms, electronic filing, and payment choices, among others. Several of the tax form changes also affect users of Standard and Enhanced payroll.


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How To Resolve QuickBooks error 12031?

1- Resolving QuickBooks error 12031 due to upgradation:-

To resolve an error that occurs when upgrading QuickBooks software, follow these steps. They would help to fix the issue.

  • Verify your internet connection settings Assistance -> Internet Connection Configuration
  • Select Next.
  • Select an option. Done
  • Restart the process of updating


2- Resolving update issue another way:-

If the problem occurs during an update to QuickBooks Payroll Service, then take the following actions-

  • Navigate to Help-> Connection to the Internet Configure to ensure appropriate internet settings

  • After verification, click Next.

  • Select Advanced Connection Settings. Then, go to Internet Properties from the menu bar.
  • Verify that Use SSL 2.0 and Use SSL 3.0 are checked fully on the Advanced tab. Select  Apply. Then click OK
  • Restart the QB application after closing it.
  • Attempt to update the QuickBooks payroll service.


3- Perform QuickBooks Updates in Safe Mode

  • You must restart your machine to enter safe mode.
  • Now, correctly download QuickBooks updates.
  • Then restart your system in Normal Mode.
  • Repeat the download in regular mode and then install the update on your machine.
  • Upon successful installation, you must use it.
  • Check for problems, whether you encounter them or not.


4- Issue due to the configuration of QuickBooks's Firewall Permissions:-

  • To begin, go to the Start menu and then to the search box.
  • Enter the term "firewall" and search.
  • Open the Windows Firewall by clicking on it or by searching for it in your Windows Settings.
  • Then choose the Allow an application or program to operate via the Windows firewall check box.
  • You're presented with a window for changing the settings; inside this window, you must make the necessary changes.
  • Now, check the option to enable QuickBooks to communicate with the firewall.

Following that, you can simply run QuickBooks without interruptions.



The problem of QuickBooks error 12031  is caused due to upgradation, any form of updation, or Firewall Permissions. It comes up even if updates happen in Safe Mode. Our QuickBooks experts solve this issue easily.