What is QuickBooks error C=272 and How to Fix It


QuickBooks is software full of various options and tools, which makes the work of accounting professionals much easier. It has led to a significant reduction in manual efforts of working. The software fully secures the company data through multiple layers. However, sometimes it can also run into glitches. QuickBooks error C=272 is a commonly reported error. This error arises during the time users run the Rebuild Data Utility or the Verify Data Utility. It can also occur when you're running a memorized report. But there are various ways you can try fixing it. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the best ways to resolve this issue. 


What Is QuickBooks Error C=272 

Before understanding the troubleshooting techniques, you must know about the nature of this error. As mentioned before, the C=272 error message in QuickBooks occurs when you are running the QB rebuild data utility or verifying data utility in the system. This error interrupts the whole workflow and causes you to experience more delays. 

These negative consequences of the error make it imperative to fix it as soon as it arises. The fixes mentioned in the following parts of this article are very useful for resolving it. However, if you want to, you also have the alternate option of speaking to a team of expert technicians. QuickBooks support experts are adept at dealing with all kinds of QB-related issues. You can call or message them anytime you want to fix a specific error. 


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Why QuickBooks Error C=272 Occurs

Every single error in QuickBooks has multiple causes. The same is true for this error as well. Below are some common reasons behind it. 

  • Damage or distortion in the QuickBooks data file can cause this error to occur. In such a case, starting QuickBooks software again will not fix the error code. It usually appears again. 
  • Data damage is also another cause of this error. It can also occur if the software attempts to shift a report-like or report data.
  • If the memorized report was generated by a prior QB version, and it isn’t able to convert properly, you’ll find a C=272 QuickBooks error
  • This error can also occur when W2 forms and 1099 are printed. 
  • Another cause behind this problem is when the Rebuild Utility or Verify stumbles upon a target ‘bit set’ external to the anticipated range. 


Some Points to Note before Fixing QuickBooks Error C=272 

You should use the solutions to this error as per the specific reason that led to it. That’s why it’s essential to pinpoint the causes before you begin the troubleshooting process. However, before going ahead with the various techniques, it’s best to keep some things in mind. They are as follows.

  • Try to start your QuickBooks software again. After restarting, see if you still encounter this error code. It might be possible that you won’t see it again. But if you do, data damage might be the reason for it.
  • If you still face the C= 272 error after restarting QB, you should rule out the possibility of data damage. Try to launch a sample company file. If you still encounter the error, disable ‘Windows 10 Compatibility.’


Fixes for QuickBooks Error C=272 

You can fix QuickBooks error C=272 by performing a series of techniques. Whenever you are faced with a problem, launch a QB sample company file. If you still find the error, immobilize the compatibility mode of the Windows. The stepwise instructions for these techniques are explained below.


Launch QB sample company file

It’s the first step you should take to resolve this error code. To open the sample file of QuickBooks, follow these steps.

  • Start by launching QuickBooks. Then press and hold the ‘control’ or ‘ctrl’ key on the keyboard.
  • Release the ctrl key when you find the window of ‘No Company Open’ appearing.
  • If the error comes before this window appears, you must adhere to the next step.
  • Select ‘Open a sample file’ in the window of ‘No Company Open.’ Now you can press any of the sample files present in the list.
  • It is possible that your QN company file is damaged or distorted. If your sample company file launches without showing any error message. You must then refer to ‘Verifying and rebuilding QuickBooks company data.’
  • If this error comes after you open the sample company file, you can start to immobilize the Windows compatibility mode.


Immobilize the Windows compatibility mode via shortcut icons

It is the next step to follow if you find the previous method not working. You need to immobilize the Windows compatibility mode in your QB Desktop setting. Here are the steps you must perform.

  • Right-tap on the shortcut icon of QB on your Windows Desktop. After that, select the ‘Properties’ tab.
  • Next, press the icon of ‘Compatibility.’
  • Next, clear the checkbox that says ‘Run this program in compatibility mode.’
  • After doing so, press the ‘OK’ tab. Then hit the ‘Cancel’ icon. Later on, you can follow step 3 if you have not chosen the checkbox.


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Disable Windows compatibility mode setting for QBW32.EXE file.

It is also another effective way to fix the C=272 QuickBooks error. Go through these steps to disable the Windows compatibility mode setting for this file. 

  • Right-tap on the QuickBooks icon and choose the ‘Properties’ tab.
  • Launch the ‘QuickBooks installation folder.’ Go to the shortcut icon and press the option of ‘Find target.’
  • Right-tap on ‘QBW32.exe’ and choose the ‘Properties’ tab.
  • Now, select the compatibility icon. 
  • Clear the ‘Run this program’ checkbox in compatibility mode.
  • Next, tap the ‘OK’ tab and choose the ‘Cancel’ icon. 
  • Exit Windows Explorer and switch off QuickBooks.


Launch QuickBooks and company file.

The last step is to open both the QuickBooks software and the company file. It is to ensure that you have gotten rid of the error permanently.


Final Words

The error message QuickBooks error C=272 can undoubtedly disrupt your whole workflow. But fortunately, you now know the techniques to fix it. All of the steps mentioned above are easy to understand and implement. So, you can fix the error in a short time. However, if it persists, contact QuickBooks technical support services. The experts will resolve any technical glitch that arises in your software.