How To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144


QuickBooks is the most crucial and versatile accounting software developed by Intuit for small and medium-sized businesses. With this significant software, the business finances are managed in one place cost-effectively. It is famous for its myriad advanced features like tax filing, employee payroll, invoice generation, build records, and much more. But it is also a fact that many users encounter several scientific errors while using QuickBooks. In recent days, QuickBooks Error 6144 82 is being considered as the one top-most common error problem. Such an error code usually occurs when you run the QuickBooks Desktop program or try to open a company file. Do not need to wag off if you are stuck in this problematic situation. The blog has complete troubleshooting guidelines that you should attempt.


What Is QuickBooks Error 6144 82?

QuickBooks Error 6144 occurs all of a sudden when there is something wrong or inappropriate with your QuickBooks Company file. The company file in which your firm’s accounting details are integrated may get damaged or corrupt. Such a specific error code won’t let you perform your work through the main or other systems. Therefore, it is quite essential to resolve it as soon as possible so that you can continue your accounting task.

You may receive the following error message while accessing the company file on your Windows Desktop:

  • QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


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What Indicates QuickBooks Error -6144 -82

  • Displayed a QuickBooks Error -6144 -82 on the screen.


  • The Active program starts crashing on your Windows.
  • Windows run slowly.
  • Windows responds sluggishly to mouse or keyboard input.
  • Error message with the statement pops up on your display screen.
  • After a while, your PC periodically freezes.
  • Windows suddenly gets down to prevent the system from getting damaged.


Reasons For The Appearance Of QuickBooks Error -6144 -82

There could be multiple reasons behind QuickBooks Error -6144 -82. A few of them are listed below. Give a glimpse to check-out them:

  • The QuickBooks software is most probably incorrectly installed.
  • When the program files related to QuickBooks accounting software are infected with viruses, then QuickBooks Error -6144 -82
  • In case, the company files related to QuickBooks are mistakenly deleted, then also such an error happens.
  • The network issues can also be a valid reason for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6144.


Points You Should Note-Down

Before you start implementing the fixing guide of QuickBooks Error 6144, some certain points you should keep in your mind. Remember the selective statements that are noted underneath:

  • Practice all the steps on the server system excluding the last step.
  • Make sure that all the systems are properly shut down including host & others.
  • Temporarily disable the system security software.


Solving Tips To Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144

Following are the well-defined troubleshooting methods you should go through one by one to instantly resolve QuickBooks Error 6144 82. Such a proffered amplified solution surely helps you in solving your problem. Let’s begin:


Method 1: Start The QuickBooks Service

Here’s how to enable your QuickBooks Service option:

  • In the very beginning step, you should launch QuickBooks.
  • Now, in QuickBooks, go to the “Start” icon and then select the “Services” tab.
  • Now, from the “Services” list, give an instant click on the “QBCFMonitoringservice” icon.
  • Afterward, verify that the services have been successfully started and are set up in the “Automatic Mode”.


  • If it’s not so, then check the “Radio” button.
  • And then give a click on the “Apply” tab and further the “OK” button to finally save the changes.


Method 2: Modify The Account Type

In the next fixing method, you have to make changes in the Account Type. Here’s how:

  • First, you have to press the “Start” icon on the keyboard.
  • Next, I need to navigate the “Control Panel” and then select the “User Account” icon.
  • Now, give a single click on the “Add/Remove User Account” tab.
  • Then, click the “QBDserviceuser23” icon and adjust the account type as per your requirement by verifying the “Administrator User” icon.


Method 3: Create The Folders In C Drive

Users are highly recommended to build a new folder with the name of QB. Afterward, I need to select the “Read/Write” options for all the created folders. Following folders are thus required to be created on C Drive:


  • Administrator
  • Add System
  • QBDataServiceuser23
  • Add User
  • Everyone

Give ‘Read/Write’ permission for the entire folders. Later, place a single tap on the “Share” icon to share the entire folders to all the systems.


Method 4: Copy The Company File In The Newly Created Folder “QB”

With the observation, it is confirmed that files get corrupted due to the file size. This is the reason why you can’t open the Company file on QuickBooks. So, here’s what you should execute in terms of eradicating QuickBooks Error 6144 82:


  • First and foremost, in your Windows System go to the ‘C Drive’
  • Then, navigate to the “Users” option > “Public” > “Public Documents” > “Intuit” > “QuickBooks” > “Company Files” tabs. There, you will see the default location of the Company files.
  • Later, you should copy the QB file and paste it into the new folder named “QB”.
  • NOTE: Do not cut & paste the QB Company file in the folder otherwise the file may get damaged.


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Method 5: Setup The Inbound & Outbound Firewall Rules

To do this, perform the following instructive steps:

  • First, from the “Firewall” tab, opt for the “Windows Firewall” option.
  • In the “Advanced Settings” tab, go to the “Inbound Rules” section


  • And then select the “New Rule” icon =>“Port” icon.
  • Lastly, press the “Next” button.
  • The ports numbers for the different versions are:


Method 6: Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager

 Go through the below provided step-wise directives to run the QuickBooks Server Manager:

  • First and foremost, go to the “Programs” list from the Control Panel.
  • Now, place a click on the “QuickBooks” icon.
  • Afterward, from the drop-down menu, select the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” icon.
  • Later, hit on the “Add Folder” tab.
  • In the system’s C Drive, search for the “add QuickBooks” folder and add it.


  • Later, you have to minimize this tab.
  • In the end, click on the “Scan Now” icon. Doing so the QuickBooks company file will be scanned. Wait till the scanning process ends.


Method 7: Restore The QuickBooks Company File

Here’s how to backup your QuickBooks Company File:

  • On the server computer, open/access the QuickBooks in multi-user mode.
  • Now, place a single click on the “Open & Restore Company File”.


  • Then, select the QB Company file “Get Back to Business”.
  • Afterward, choose to open/access the files in the Multi-user mode.
  • Make sure that the hosting is enabled.
  • Now, you need to go to the “File” menu.
  • Thereafter, give a tap on the “Utilities” icon.
  • After that, click on the “Stop Hosting multi-user access” option.
  • Now, the QB Company files will be accessible on the server computer.


Additional Informative Steps To Fix QuickBooks Error 6144

The below-mentioned steps for fixing QuickBooks Error 6144 may differ a bit. Analyze and fix:

  • First of all, users are suggested to press the “F2” key on the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Thereafter, I need to move the file information and also identify the location of the company file.
  • Now, open the location.
  • And then, find the.ND and.TLG files that have the same name as the company file.
  • Afterward, you should rename the files just by adding.OLD at the end of each file extension.
  • This probably works in annihilating your QuickBooks Error  -6144 -82.


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Obtain 24/7 Online QuickBooks Support For One-Stop Remedy

Hopefully! The aforementioned powerful fixing guide assists you in eliminating QuickBooks Error 6144 82. In case, unfortunately, that doesn’t work, you can obtain QuickBooks Support from our technical team. We are extremely talented and well-experienced, so the error will be sorted out from top-to-toe in a couple of seconds. Put a call at the 24x7 accessible helpline number and stay connected hassle-freely.