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Access QuickBooks Remotely with the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

How to Use the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

Do you still think that you need to present yourself physically in order to access the QuickBooks of your client? It’s time to end this belief. If you’ve thought that it’s nearly impossible to use the software remotely regardless of where you are in this world, the QuickBooks Remote Access Tool will come across as a pleasant surprise. The tool allows managers to track their accountant’s activities remotely and is an ideal solution when ravel isn’t possible. 

To use it, you must sign up for remote access on the official website of Intuit. Once you are there, it’s easy to follow the different processes of logging in your credentials and launching the browser through which you want to access the QB software remotely. In this article, you’ll find precise instructions about this incredible utility.


Can You Access QuickBooks from Another Computer?

There is not one but many ways to access QuickBooks Desktop remotely from a different system. You can do it by using your web browser, downloading the QuickBooks Desktop remote access tool, and picking a hosting provider. 

Apart from these, there are also some other methods to access QuickBooks Desktop remotely. Below are all the different methods for you to try. 


 1. Access QuickBooks Desktop remotely through the web browser.

To get remote access to the QB company file, you must first create the needed setup for it. Go through these points to better understand this method. 

  • Launch the browser of the remote system. 
  • Head over to the QuickBooks remote access website. 
  • While you are on the site, check that you are logged into your QuickBooks account. 
  • Give a nickname for the system and check the box close to it. 
  • Then, hit ‘Connect.’
  • Choose the passcode option to authorize your desktop. You also have the choice to select the ‘Phone number‘ option. 
  • Now, input the code you get through any of the options you’ve chosen when you log in to your QuickBooks account to obtain remote access. 
  • After that, choose the ‘Remote Access’ dropdown menu. 
  • After the process draws to an end, hit ‘End QuickBooks remote access session.’

Congratulations! The remote access setup is now complete. 


2. Use QuickBooks Desktop remotely.

Use QuickBooks RemoteApp Access Tool

Are you searching for an answer to the question “Can I access QuickBooks Desktop remotely?” and haven’t received a good solution? To do that, you must first go to Intuit’s website and carry out QuickBooks remote access tool download

You can then go ahead and configure the settings of the tool and then use QuickBooks Desktop remotely. Follow these pointers and execute this method successfully.

  • Head over to the official website of Intuit on your web browser.
  • To remotely access QuickBooks, you must first sign up for it.
  • Next, navigate to the site of QuickBooks Remote Access.
  • Log into your account and choose ‘Setup Computer‘ in order to download Intuit QuickBooks remote access tool
  • Now type a nickname for your system and click ‘Next.’
  • Tick the options that ask you to use the default full-screen view and disable the PC’s keyboard and mouse. You must also tick the options that ask you to automatically minimize screen resolutions and the one that asks you to make the screen of the computer blank.
  • Now tick those applications you want to access remotely on the system.
  • Click ‘Next.’
  • Select the ‘Verification‘ option. You can also type a passcode.
  • Hit’ Finish.’

NOTE: For accessing QuickBooks accounts remotely, you might need to pay a small amount monthly. Also, if you’ve selected a passcode, you will need to type it out whenever you launch QuickBooks.


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3. Access QuickBooks Enterprise remotely through a hosting provider

In this method, you can remotely access QuickBooks Enterprise by choosing a hosting provider. To choose it, you need to examine criteria like security, SLA, pricing, and the like. 

The first step and most crucial step is to select an appropriate hosting provider. You can choose it on the basis of your company’s budget, size, and the functionalities you want. You also have the option to choose a cloud provider. But ensure that your hosting provider has the needed services for cloud hosting. 


Follow these steps after choosing your hosting provider.

  • Host QuickBooks Enterprise with the provider you picked. If the software license is on the local desktop, migrate it along with your data to the Cloud server. 
  • To sign in to the portal, use the RDP Software. Alternatively, it’s also possible to log in through your browser. Your Cloud provider will give you the needed credentials to sign in. 
  • You can use any device like your mobile phone, tablet, or PC to log in. 


Some points to remember while choosing a hosting provider

As mentioned above, picking a suitable hosting provider is a critical step in accessing QuickBooks Enterprise remotely. Here are some points to remember while choosing one. 

  • The provider’s SLA should be verified for the integration of functionalities like uptime, service terms, and the like. 
  • The hosting provider you choose should maintain the requisite security standards. 
  • Carefully go through the pricing plan of the provider. Pick only those that perfectly align with your requirement. 
  • Always go with a hosting provider that’s been authorized by Intuit for software hosting. 
  • Inquire about the period of time that the provider will keep your data backup. 
  • Lastly, make sure that you can get good customer support at all times. 


What Can You Do with QuickBooks Remote Access Tool?

How To Access QuickBooks Remotely with Remote Access Tool

The remote access tool is a powerful release from Intuit. The utility enables people to complete regular jobs that would otherwise take a long time very conveniently. You can accomplish a number of tasks when you know how to access QuickBooks remotely through this tool. They consist of the following.

  • You can remotely print important documents, receipts, and checks from a specific computer to your particular printing device. You can also remotely print 1099 forms. 
  • There are certain best practices for using particular applications when using the remote access tool. Although you might need to give some training to your clients about it, the end result will be worth it. Both you and your clients will be on the same page, and thus you can communicate with them efficiently.
  • By using the Intuit QuickBooks remote access tool the task of moving critical files from your client system to yours will become significantly easy. As a result of it, you will be able to save data locally.
  • You can monitor any application besides QuickBooks without any problems.
  • You only need a working internet connection to access your computer from any other one. Using it, you can transfer data confidently. It’s as safe as online banking. 


Which Remote Access Options are Compatible with QuickBooks?

There are three remote access options supported for QuickBooks. They include the following. 

  • The QuickBooks remote access tool – Experts highly recommend using this tool. It’s because it can seamlessly link to the remote system, which has the QuickBooks program in it. Various tasks like printing files through local printers, copying them from remote to local and local to remote, and accessing QuickBooks data files and folders remotely become seamless with this utility. 
  • QuickBooks Desktop hosting on the cloud – It’s another method to access QuickBooks remotely. This option is available because Intuit now allows authorized hosting of QB Desktop software on third-party servers. Through it, the authenticated person can work with QuickBooks installed on the hosting provider’s server no matter where they are. 
  • QuickBooks Online – It’s one of the lesser-known options for people. You can switch to QuickBooks Online from your QB Desktop. It is a software solution that works on the cloud and significantly enhances the effectiveness of QuickBooks. Through it, you can access the software from any device with good internet connectivity. 


Is It Safe to Remotely Access QuickBooks Desktop?

Accounting activities are confidential by nature. They thus need a security check. Without a good medium to get information, you cannot conduct these activities. You can trust the security that cloud-based solutions like QuickBooks Cloud Hosting or QuickBooks Online provide. It is because the providers of these solutions practice 256-bit encryption. 

Apart from them, you will face many security concerns if you opt for other tools to access QuickBooks remotely. Therefore, it is always advised that you find a reliable solution and stay secure. QB remote access gives multi-layer security with application-level access control. The data transferred while you are remotely accessing the software is encrypted through 128-bit SSL. QB remote access works through 443 and 80 ports. These are standard HTTP -based and HTTP communications. These ports are set to allow traffic in most firewalls.


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Why Use Intuit QuickBooks Remote Access Tool?

Remotely accessing QuickBooks through the remote access tool provides many advantages to people. Here are some of the compelling reasons you should use this tool.

  • There’s no need for any traveling when you access QuickBooks software remotely. You can easily use QuickBooks of your client sitting in your own home or any other place.
  • Managers and clients can also know everything that their accountants do when they get remote access to QuickBooks.
  • Many times, traveling isn’t a feasible option. In that case, you don’t need to stop working with the QuickBooks of your client. You can still work on it when you have remote access to it.
  • You can shift or transfer the entire folder from one computer to another while accessing QuickBooks remotely. 
  • You can also let multiple users work on a single QB company file at a time. 
  • With remote accessibility, users easily use their software through smartphones and computers. Thus, it enhances productivity, irrespective of the place you are living.
  • You don’t need to be restricted to the typical work hours to access the QuickBooks of your client. It’s possible to access the system remotely anytime apart from your normal working hours. 
  • Users can copy and paste various files and folders between local and remote systems.


Final Thoughts

QuickBooks remote access tool is a great utility for hose working from home. As digitization grows and it’s not possible to manually visit your client’s system, remotely accessing QuickBooks proves much more advantageous. If you want to learn more about the tool or want additional support in using it, connect with expert QB technical support services. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can access QBO or QuickBooks Online on any device of your choice. The only condition is that you must have a good internet connection and the right account credentials. 

  • Go to your computer system and launch a browser. 
  • Now, navigate to this URL: intuit 
  • Next, input your password and user ID and tap ‘Sign in.’
  • Input the multi-factor authentication (MFA) code as you will use QuickBooks Online on another device. 
  • You’ll get the MFA code on your phone number or via email.

The remote access software from QuickBooks isn’t free. You need to pay a certain amount for it. Depending on your preferences, you can choose either of the two versions below.

  • QuickBooks Access – You can get it for $77.95 per month.
  • Full Desktop Access – You can get it for $99.75 per month.

Presently, QB remote access is there only for QuickBooks versions for computers running on the following Windows operating system.

  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows Millennium
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
  • Windows Vista

QB remote access doesn’t work with QB Pro for Mac.

No, there aren’t any unique system requirements apart from those that your QuickBooks needs. You can install and utilize remote access functionalities if you have QuickBooks running on your PC. You won’t need to carry out any more system modifications.

Yes, QuickBooks works with Teamviewer. Teamviewer has a paid commercial and a free personal license. It’s great if you wish to give technical support to a person. But it doesn’t mean only a single person will be able to use the system you wish to access remotely. Anyone in front of the system can see what you’re doing in a specific session.